X CAPITAL is an Italian investment company with a well defined target: equity investments in small and medium sized companies and also startups or early stage initiatives.

X CAPITAL typically boosts development processes of its invested companies by contributing the financial resources with highly qualified entrepreneurial and managerial competences.

X CAPITAL’s approach establishes a strong and solid entrepreneurial partnerships with the invested companies.

The standard investment is typically in minority shareholding combined by a stable presence in the board, supporting the entrepreneur in the following operations:

• Increasing capital of the company in order to finance the growth or to solve an under-capitalization issue;
• Stock acquisitions to manage shareholding disputes (i.e. succession, generational transitions or stockholder’s disagreement..)

The investment period will be related to the possible profitable growth of the target company. As a result it also can be a long-term period. Therefore the way-out is not an essential clause of the investment agreement (a significant difference between X CAPITAL from usual Private Equity funds where an exit is always defined and contractually binding).

X CAPITAL aims at realize a fair return for the investors both in dividend distribution and capital gain.